Legal Online Gambling in New Zealand

Legal Online Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling is somewhat complicated in New Zealand. The average New Zealander spends more than $2200 dollar per year gambling in New Zealand. These figures are subdivided into different categories. For example, on average Kiwis spend $315 per year on legalized horse racing, $631 on New Zealand legalized lottery, $802 dollars on legalized pokies, and $504 on the 6 legal casinos in New Zealand. Since the net salary after taxes is around $59,000 per year, this means that nearly 4 per cent of the average New Zealander’s take-home salary is spent in home country gambling. This is less than the average amount of money spent by Americans, which may spend an average of $2900 on gambling but there is a significant difference between the gambling figures in New Zealand and the US for example. The New Zealand figures do not take into account online gambling outside of New Zealand. According to the government, only 2 per cent of the 13 per cent of people who gamble online do so at an overseas website while the remaining 11 per cent buy New Zealand lottery tickets online or participate in TAB.


The New Zealand Racing Board operates the TAB and there are over 675 TAB outlets located throughout the country. However, the TAB also operates through online betting as well, and the TAB is one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. It is estimated that Typically, the New Zealand TAB takes in around $13 million dollars each month with its gambling activities. Through the TABC, New Zealanders can bet on horse racing and dog racing events throughout New Zealand and all over the world. And as for a sportsbook, the sky is the limit. won The TAB operates sports betting on American and Australian Football, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket Cycling, Darts, eSports, soccer, golf, handball, ice hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, Auto, and Motorcycle racing, Rugby, Snooker, Surfing, Tennis, Table Tennis, and Volleyball to name a few. With such a large selection of sports, it’s no wonder that the average Kiwi spends a minimum of $600 each just on the TAB.

Are online casinos available in New Zealand?

It depends on your definitions. The 2003 Gambling Act limited the New Zealand Gambling landscape to 6 physical casinos located in Dunedin, Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch, and two in Queenstown. At the same time, the Gambling Act prohibited online casinos from operating online in New Zealand. Probably the most famous online casino in New Zealand is SkyCity online. The SkyCity Group, which owns the majority of the 6 physical casinos in New Zealand created an online presence in 2019. However, the online casino is not licensed in New Zealand, but like many online casinos throughout the world, is licensed in Malta. Those who have an account with this online casino cannot walk into Sky City Auckland casino, for example, and gamble with funds from their online casino account. Nor of course, can people who win big at SkyCity Auckland transfer their winnings to their online account. The two remain totally separate entities. Nevertheless, many New Zealand gamblers, familiar with SkyCity, choose them as their online gaming partner.

Why are online casinos not allowed to operate from New Zealand’s shores?

In many ways, the 2003 Gambling Act makes no sense with regard to casinos and gambling in general. While one can appreciate that the government had a desire to limit the number of physical casinos, was it really necessary to ban online casinos from operating in New Zealand? The odd thing about the government’s restrictions on online casinos, which would certainly bring in additional revenue, is the way the government treats online winnings with regard to taxes. Not only is it totally legal for any adult in New Zealand to play at an online casino licensed in Malt or any other part of the world, but if a lucky Kiwi happens to win several million dollars playing a progressive slot machine online, not a single dollar of the several million dollars is taxable. With the exception of the UK, Canada, and Germany, there is only a relatively low percentage of online gambling winnings that are not taxable. So why not open up a few online casinos for New Zealand and keep the profits at home? As it is now, the process only encourages players to gamble overseas and take home the profits.

How many online casinos allow New Zealand players?

Literally thousands. In fact, the vast majority of licensed online casinos throughout the world accept Kiwi players. The market is huge. If one or two casinos here and there bar Kiwi gamblers, there are 10 more ready to take your money, Finding an acceptable online casino is as easy as doing a Google search for the best online casinos nz and you will get dozens of results.

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